ACTIONEYE Microfiber

ACTION EYE is a microfiber cleaning cloth held with velcro that is perfect for cleaning sensitive lenses such as eye glasses.  I personally found the product great for my camera lens and although I have tons of microfiber cloths, I never have one when I need one.  I can attached this to my camera bag and it's always there when I need it.  I shot some product photos with founder Meagin Donovan for her debut on the Amazon store.  You can find ACTIONEYE here.  

Action Eye Water Droplets Red Web.jpg


A few images from Barcelona, Spain.  Just dreaming about going back.

Pride Weekend

Good times wandering around Capitol Hill last weekend with Abdi and Terry on pride weekend.  Wished I could have been in town for the parade.

Prdie (5 of 5).jpg

Go Skateboarding Day

Happy Go Skateboarding Day Everyone, hope you all give it a try this year.  Here is Janky Lorimer out at Bainbridge Island Skatepark for Skate Day 2016.

Summer Solstice

Kicking off Summer with the wild and crazy Fremont Solstice Parade and Naked Bike Ride.  Colors, characters, no logos and all human powered floats.  Keep being weird Fremont, someone needs to be.